“At this point I`m hesitant to produce new imagery considering the abundance of it. AI can do that instead, I guess. I honestly don`t mind. However, I wanted to explore the visuality of the digital archives of my life that I have created almost inadvertently. The imagery I use in Dijital Junk consists of phone snaps, poorly developed film, pages from my sketchbooks, had-written notes, etc. I maybe even fear creating new images without taking care of this baggage. It is a digital spring clean, archeological inquiry into my own footprint.

I guess it`s an attempt to place, secure, and contain all this imagery in a digital/printed resemblance of a zoo. It`s a bit violent, for sure. They`re trapped and all cramped in their page-cages. But I also love them all dearly and don`t want them to go to waste. I guess, there is representational fraud in what I`m doing. Stapling and taping together bits and pieces into collages that only make sense to me. I just can`t let them go without uncovering the potential of those images that I have created through years and years of my life.”